Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Well, I have decided to keep a seperate blog for my cross stitching and what better time to start one, a brand new year!

So I will kick off with the Cross Stitch Crazy's 2012 Challenge!

The Challenge is: Begin one project a day for the first 15 days of 2012 and then finish them throughout the year. Must be completed by 2013

So I only just discovered this challenge and I am 3 days behind but it sounded like a good challenge to get me motivated in to finishing some UFO's & WIP's I have! I know for a fact that there is no way I will finish 15 projects in one year but I am okay with that!

I decided to use the first few days for projects that are 'almost' finished, seeing as I am a couple of days behind already.

DAY 1: Born Free's Tiger and Cub - The very first 'BIG' cross stitch that I started about 9 years ago! (Approx 32,000 Stitches)

DAY 2: Elephant - This is more or less finished, I made a mistake on the background, I used just one thread instead of two, so the entire background just needs to be unpicked and re-stitched.

DAY 3: Retrievers - This one is probaly 50% finished, so there is a good chance of me totally finishing this one, this year.

DAY 4: Secret - This one is going to be a gift for someone for Christmas 2012 so I can't really post the details here yet, pics can be seen in my album as I have it blocked from that person :D

DAY 5: Coronation Street: Now and Then - This was a freebie for subscribing to WOXS, and I really would like to finish it this year.

DAY 6: Piglet - A freebie kit with a magazine.

DAY 7: White Lightning - Bought this years ago and only managed one stitch before putting it away lol I really would like to get it done though as it's such a lovely design.

DAY 8: Me to You: Tatty Teddy, A Flower for You - I started this about 5 years ago as a Mother's Day gift but all the stupid backstitch put me off.

DAY 9: Hilda's Flying Ducks - A tapestry kit but it's basically the same, you just use half cross stitches instead.

DAY 10: Dalek Victory - No picture available yet.

DAY 11: Christmas Kisses - A freebie kit from a magazine.

DAY 12: Peacock - A magazine chart.

DAY 13: Silent Flight - A kit I bought to stitch in memory of my brother.


DAY 15: Winter on the Green - I was sent this by mistake when I subscribed to WOXS. It's not really my type of thing, and I did try selling it but no one was biting on eBay, so I suppose it will be okay to display at Christmas.

I would also like to do something to celebrate the Olympics being in London this year so I might have to find something suitable and slot it in somehow later ;)

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